Sustainable Stormwater Management Practices -Monday, March 31st

The Fairhaven sustainability committee has invited Dr. Joe Costa, Executive Director of the Buzzards Bay National Estuaries Project to discuss the need for sustainable stormwater management practices to reverse the damage that has been done by decades of development and "get the water out" stormwater design on Monday March 31 at 7:15 pm in the Fairhaven Town Hall. The Buzzards Bay National Estuaries Project has been focused on the health of Buzzards Bay for over 20 years, and in that time a significant volume of data has been collected on the health of the Bay. Much of this data reveals the significant contribution of stormwater to the declining water quality of the Bay. Pollutants such as bacteria, sediment, road runoff, fertilizers, to name a few, are routinely found in stormwater and have a direct role in ecosystem impairment. Dr. Costa will present some thoughts on creative stormwater designs that can significantly improve the water that pours into the Bay during every rain storm. All are welcome to attend Dr. Costa’s presentation and learn more about the water quality of the Bay.

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