Green Film Series Continues- Recyclergy

Film: The Recyclergy: 33 minutes of Garbage
Friday– May 16 18 at 7pm
Sunday, May 18 at 12 noon
Fairhaven Unitarian Church- 102 Green Street
For decades the San Francisco Bay Area has been a hub for the recycling movement. Even the garbage companies have a long history of recycling practices. After the first Earth Day celebration in 1970, community, non-profit recycling centers appeared in schools, garages, and neighborhood centers—with the goal of bringing recycling organizations to their cities. By 2006, only two non-profit recycling organizations remained in San Francisco. Despite the lack of surviving community recycling centers, the Bay Area is still home to a unique community.
The owners of New England Demolition and Salvage will be on hand to give a lecture about their New Bedford business. You may visit their website here.

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