Mini- Grant Proposals for Fairhaven Schools

The Fairhaven Sustainability Committee (FSC) is seeking "mini grant"
proposals to be funded for completion by the end of the school year.
Up to $300.00 is available for a school based project to help the
sustainability committee achieve it's mission to study, recommend
and facilitate actions and systems that will educate and engage the
community and lead to the responsible consumption of resources
and the implementation of life sustaining practices in order to
create a healthy environment and future for our community. Teachers
or staff from all disciplines in the Fairhaven school system are
encouraged to apply.

Applicants must complete the short mini-grant application and submit
it to the (FSC) by March 19th. Proposals will be judged by the Fairhaven Sustainability committee and a winner will be selected by April 1st for
implementation by the end of the school year.
Here is a copy of the application which can be emailed to
or mailed to Deirdre Healy 2 Layfette Street Fairhaven

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