Beyond the Bicentennial Presents Transportation Choices at Farmers Market

A reminder that this Sunday, September 23, will be a special edition of our Fairhaven Farmers' Market.  The theme of the day will be Transportation and greener methods of getting around.

Guests and activities include:

Representatives from Toyota, Nissan, and Chevy will showcase and discuss their hybrid and electric models.

Fairhaven Bike Path Committee - Promotions and conducting a
Bike Repair Workshop

Mass in Motion - State-sponsored program working to increase healthy eating and physical
activity in communities

SRTA - Southeastern Regional Transit Authority

Board of Public Works

A Scooter Demonstration

It's gonna be exciting and informative, and, as always, plenty of local food and craft vendors will be present.
Stop by.  Bring your kids.  Bring your dogs.  Bring your cameras.  Bring your reusable shopping bags.

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