Farmers Market Reminder

This Sunday, October 7, will be a special Health theme for the Fairhaven Farmers Market. We've invited a chiropracter, massage therapist, exercise instructor, childbirth educator, visiting nurse, homebirth midwife, and nutritionist to mix it up amongst your weekly fresh produce shopping.

In addition, we would like to remind you of our Pass the Green Flamingo campaign going on.

Show your support for a healthy future for Fairhaven by putting a green flamingo on your lawn. Think about how cool it would be to have a bright green flamingo on your lawn grabbing your neighbors' attention. The only difference between this and any other ornament is that this flamingo is more than just aesthetics.

The flamingo serves as a commitment to attend Fairhaven’s Community Building and Visioning Forum on Sunday, November 4.
The flamingo moves when you find a new taker or when you contact us to remove it. Contact or our Facebook page to participate.

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