We invite all followers to PASS THE GREEN FLAMINGO!

Show your support for a healthy future for Fairhaven by putting a green flamingo on your lawn. It serves as a commitment to attend Fairhaven’s Community Building and Visioning Forum on November 4. The flamingo moves when you find a new taker. Contact  or Bill and Lisa Elliot at 508-994-1250 to participate. 

The "Beyond the Bicentennial" campaign’s Community Visioning Forum on Sunday, November 4,  concerns all residents of Fairhaven, MA. It will be a professionally facilitated action-planning session and opportunity for community members to have their voices heard regarding their idealized vision for Fairhaven’s future. It's a means to officially determine what the people of Fairhaven want and believe their town needs, and how to attain and/or preserve them.

Questions to ask yourself:
What are the strengths and assets of Fairhaven?

What are the possibilities?
What are the main issues to be contended?
What are the solutions?
How do you see Fairhaven evolving in 20 years?

From all this sharing of ideas and acknowledgment of the issues, groups and strategies will be formed to continue courses of action.

This forum is true community participation meant to bring about real change. Don't miss out on the chance to shake up Town Hall. It begins at 1:00PM and will go until 4:00PM. 

Thank you to all for following and showing your support.  Have a great week!

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