Fairhaven Seed Exchange.

On Saturday April 12th, Fairhaven Seed Exchange at The Millicent Library will begin.  The Seed Exchange is free and open to the public, sponsored by The Fairhaven Sustainability Committee.  Anyone interested in participating can bring in seeds to the library and choose different ones from the collection.  The display will be located in the front of the library under the stain glass window to the right.  There will be boxes of seeds in categories for people to choose from to plant at home.  From 9-10 am on that morning there will be an introduction to the Seed exchange for anyone who wants to attend.  The intro is not mandatory for participants.   Hundreds of seed packages have been collected and donated already to start the exchange off this year.  We hope this project will continue and the public will start to save their own seeds at the end of the growing season to be included next year.  For more information please contact ann.richard@gmail.com.

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